A.M.U. Geographical Society was initially known as The Curzon Geographical Society, which was formed in 1925 under the Presidentship of Major E. W. Dawn. Since its inception the society envisaged to instil academic and literary fervour among the students and faculty alike. The society provides vibrant platform to the scholars and students for exercising their skills in the form of deliberations, discussion, interaction and writing; thought provoking and innovative research articles to embellish the academic ornamentation of the bi-annual Journal, The Geographer. The first issue of The Geographer was published in 1926. Since then it has maintained its legacy of publication. The journal includes the scientific research papers which are meticulously designed, well structured with full of sound methodology from various fields of studies like environment, health, urban studies, urban and regional planning, settlements, population, agriculture, tourism, remote sensing and GIS applications. Some of the special issues of the journal, The Geographer published based on the articles of social and economic relevance with sound state-of-the-art technology.
The A.M.U. Geographical Society functions under the aegis of the Department of Geography, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. The objective of the society is to enhance the skills of the students and research scholars through organising various literary and outreach programmes. The society organises various programmes like elocution contest, quiz, essay writing and debate for postgraduate students and the research group meet for research scholars to exercise their excellence in academic and other field of knowledge to shape their destiny in the dynamic world. The organs of the society consists of President (Chairperson), Vice-President and Secretary (elected among the postgraduate students), Coordinator and Co-coordinator (faculty member) and Programme Assistant.